As organizations start preparing their return-to-office (RTO) strategies, many employees are still reluctant to show up; ergo, businesses are investing in smarter technologies and introducing a user-friendly option for their teams to focus on working efficiently in the office. Currently, there is a lot of buzz around the term ‘Touchless AV Technology’ to make sure employees’ RTO safety and productivity are not hampered.

Not all people were aware but Touchless Technology was already on the rise, pandemic just accelerated it. If you still have doubts, answer this, ‘have you ever asked Alexa to play a song of your choice or asked Siri to call someone from your contacts, all just by vocalizing it? If so, you may already be ahead of the curve in acquiring modern technologies and enjoy the ease of it.
Contactless techs are delivering innovative ways to create secure, modern, and flexible work environments to adapt this fresh concept of hybrid working. If you’re an employer looking to revitalize the way you run your company post-COVID, keep reading to learn more about how you can upgrade touchless AV tools in your organization.

Going Touchless? Here are some key AV Solutions that we thought might intrigue you

Visitor Management
Our customizable range of visitor management systems ensures an enhanced visitor route tailored to your security requirements through your office. With a host of plug-and-play features designed to address both visitor and employee-related processes, this is tailored for a post-pandemic world. This elevates the entire visitor experience and simplifies their journey through touchless and customized AV solutions, integrated host notification and even visitor health screening capabilities at the entrance of the organization itself.

Hands-free Entry & Access
One of the major ways to reduce contact is by replacing doorknobs and handles with touchless access solutions. In organizations or private buildings, a convenient way to grant access to the users is in the form of automatic doors activated by Bluetooth, Biometric readers, or simply by tapping proximity cards to minimize contact and ensure safe movement around the property.

Hot Desking
Introducing highly flexible desk booking and management systems that not only equip you with the best of intelligent infrastructure but also saves you time and help in space management. The aim is to maximize space efficiency in an organizational workspace system where desks are occupied by different people at different times, on an ad hoc basis. As easy-to-deploy RFID based technology, this is what every modern workspace needs. A hassle-free, highly efficient desk booking, and management ensure enhanced control and greater transparency that enables optimization for the employees.

Let us know how BYOD connectivity works. Instead of a shared device during a meeting, you can experience higher employee productivity, increased job satisfaction and retention through supporting flexible work arrangements by considering solutions that let employees use their own devices in the workplace. As more organizations support their staff with WFH or hybrid working facilities, maintain a flexible schedule, or connect on the go while commuting, BYOD solutions have become more prevalent.

Voice & Gesture Recognition
As the name suggests, with simple gestures, users can interact with devices without actual physical contact. These devices have an automatic setting for user preference to adjust the lighting, volume, or even the temperature of the room when the meeting host walks in. Devices are built to enhance the work experience when employees are working together or remotely. This technology is likely to widen in corporate offices since it proves to give employees the benefit of shorter waiting times for and during meetings.

Motion & Occupancy Sensors
The most common example here entails, that the lights and displays automatically turn on when a movement is sensed, say, your team walks into the huddle room for a meeting. Occupancy technology allows authorities to monitor and manage room density to understand how meeting spaces can be optimized with the help of these features for a safe work environment and customer experience. As a result, it is expected that organizations shall use such sensors since they are among the most affordable contactless workplace AV solutions.

Hands-free technology is shaking up the public sector enterprise, however, we see it all for the better. If your company is looking to embrace the challenges of integrating touchless yet connected solutions, Sigma AVIT Technology Solutions can help you identify and walk you through the steps to get the right technology up and running. Experience a best-in-class customized range of touchless solutions that can address your entire workforce’s requirements. Ready to get started? Get in touch with us today!