Businesses will flourish by leveraging technology that is focused on convenience. With modern collaborative methods and systems, companies can be assured of a progressive path.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is interactive communication based on Internet or telephone technologies. It facilitates simultaneous communication from 2 or more locations, using video, audio, still images and text.

Interactive Displays

Interactive displays, also referred to as interactive touchscreens, are often large, wall or cart mounted screens that are a critical component to the integrated classroom and conference room technology. These systems allow users to maneuver data in a hands-on environment and engage with content like never before.

Wireless Presentation

Wireless presentation system can be added to any basic or interactive display, to get your meetings started faster and remove the complexity of cabled connections. The technology can empower reception areas, collaboration rooms and meeting rooms giving your business an edge over the rest.

Digital Signage & Interactive Kiosk

Digital signage and interactive kiosk solutions help provide dynamic visual content on all displays and devices. With the ability to broadcast multimedia, live news feeds and web-based content, digital signage solutions offer a simple and effective solution.  They are ideal for retail outlets, museums, airports, financial institutions and bus stations.

Room booking

Collaborated booking systems simplify the process of planning and conducting meetings. Room booking systems ensure that multiple meeting spaces can be managed and organized, professionally and efficiently through intuitive room booking software.

Centralized clock systems

Centralized clock systems are tailored to ensure that the time shown is uniform across all clocks. The problem of clock time differences is no longer an issue as centralized clock systems will synchronize the time, with precision.

large format displays

Large-format LCDs are a powerful and flexible platform you can use to capture your audience’s attention. Their impressive interactive display compliments any meeting room or classroom. They also increase sales by improving the customer experience, informing and entertaining visitors.

streaming & recording

If your event is worth streaming, it is worth recording at the highest possible quality. The better the recording quality, the more value it offers to a post-event produced asset. Technology assets help make Webcasts, YouTube and Facebook Live available to the audience providing a fast turnaround.

AR / VR / MR

Augmented reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed reality technologies are developing at a breakneck pace. This technology enables mixing synthetic content and real-world content in real-time, providing consumers enhanced visual, auditory and sensory perceptions.

lighting control systems

Visual solutions are designed using pioneering technology of lighting control systems. Smart lighting systems use sensor-based controls that are energy efficient. Advanced lighting control systems allow easy management of light, in both indoor and outdoor setups, providing the desired ambience.