Sigma AVIT’s outstanding AV Integration and novel approach to Haldia Petrochemicals Limited (HPL)’s requirements has been featured in Systems Integration Asia (SI Asia), a leading professional AV publication for the Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

Haldia Petrochemicals Limited (HPL) – one of the largest corporate companies in India – is not just a naphtha-based petrochemical giant; it is an apparent amalgamation of manufacturing prowess and technology embracement of the highest order.

Having embarked upon a massive initiative of the digital transformation of its processes and market approach, the company has deployed an expansive scale of audio-visual technology at its corporate headquarters in Kolkata.

It wasn’t easy though, recalls Snehasis Halder, Chief Manager Information Systems. Considering the size and scale of the requirement, they got proposals of overshooting costs from most solution developers and vendors. “We wanted to ensure that our ideation of technology deployment stayed within the budget and still met our requirement,” he maintains.“We worked diligently, went little farther, and found one.” That is where the Bengaluru-based Sigma AVIT Technology Solutions came into the picture. According to him, Sigma had proposed quite a few ideas on how they could turn around the whole project with a whole new techno-commercial approach. “Full marks to Sigma; they have aptly captured our ideas and presented a model that befitted our vision for the present and future,” commends Snehasis.

“Being a manufacturing company, one of our main objectives of technology deployment was integrating our plant and its sales points with head office,” explains Sumit Dasgupta. That the plant has many a critical process running 24/7, it requires close connect and collaboration among maintenance, technical, operations divisions, besides those numerous SMEs OEMs, vendors and customers. “We do trading across different countries for which we need close collaboration, and this is the best technology platform to engage all of them in meaningful discussions towards critical business advantages on a faster note,” he elaborates. “That’s exactly where Sigma AVIT’s domain expertise came in. With them on board, we could figure out the best technology available, and how we can use it to our best advantage.”

Here is an excerpt from the magazine about what our esteemed director, Raymond V Soans, has to say.

Raymond V Soans, Director-Sales & Marketing at the Sigma AVIT, who had moved this project from the beginning, says: “Team ICT HPL was looking for AVSIs who could provide an end-to-end AV solution for their new office space. We did not put a proposal upfront; we studied the site, and their ideation, and then explained to them what technology is available, and what could be done.” According to him, it was their approach to the requirement that had won the bill. Instead of checking about the budget, and making a proposal right up, the approach of understanding the site and job parametrics and helping the client ‘think out of the box’ with newer modes of technology harnessing had won the project and client appreciation. The wireless presentation shared codec for video-conferencing, and intranet for linking the rooms etc. made a big difference to the whole project. “It was not technology for technology sake,” says Raymond. “It was first understanding the wish list and then mapping the requirement with a value-for-money proposition.”

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