You probably have heard the saying that goes, ‘Action speaks louder than Words’. Well, to tell you the truth, the topic that we’re about to enlighten you about doesn’t exactly work that way, but we like to call it, “Show, don’t just say”, which is quite similar, don’t you think?

Reminisce the time you had a great experience as a customer – remember what impact it had on you. Now do the same for the time you had an inconvenient one. As a host business, are you willing to create an immersive brand experience combining your double-edged ones that delivers a dynamic and customer-centric space? If so, let’s know more about this new inclination towards Experience Centres.

It’s Time to Raise the Bar

Traditional ways of working are being replaced with new, digitally powered, more collaborative ones – those who can embrace and leverage the technology that can gain a significant advantage over their competitors.

With an increased demand for upgraded technology solutions, organizations aim at offering a more convenient way to leave an everlasting impression on visitors. Experience centres are interactive spaces designed to hone relationships with the employees, customers, and visitors by giving them a chance to undertake a truly personalised journey whilst finding out more about how their business can be addressed.

How are Experience Centres formed?

The process of setting up an Experience Centre goes through many stages to make sure the spaces are not only employee-centric but more of customer-centric as well. To form an Experience Centre, the business needs to go through four stages:



Technology Implementation

Content Development

The process begins with conceptualization where we understand what the client wants to showcase to form the organization’s goodwill with their customers.

Once the conceptualization is finalized, the work of interiors comes into picture where the space is turned from blueprint to an actual area for visitors to experience.

After the interiors of the centre is planned, the implementation of technology takes place. This is a crucial part of the experience centre as without the fulfilling execution of technology solutions, there would not be a flow of connection of what the organization wanted to initially deliver at the time of conceptualization.

Now that the implementation of technology also comes under the list of completed stages, we move forward with the content development for the technologies that we have delivered. Again, content development is a significant part where the organization gets benefitted more if the content displayed is engaging and interesting to the visitors.

These stages are followed while forming an Experience Centre for any organization. We make sure the visitors get connected to the content displayed and have a once in a lifetime experience.

Building better connections with Experience Centres

Today, customers have the power, not the sellers. So, what are businesses bringing forth for them? The question remains.

For many B2B businesses, curating innovative and impactful experiences can be challenging. According to a report, B2B customer experience index ratings lag significantly behind those of retail customers. B2B companies average less than 50%, compared with B2C scoring in the 65-85% range. To avoid this from happening again, B2B brands need to innovate and revolutionize their strategies in order to build and maintain strong customer relations.

You might wonder what truly makes for a good experience? Speed? Convenience? Consistency? Better Engagement? We say all of the above! Top-notch customer experience leaves people feeling heard and appreciated.

Experience centres are a powerful tool for corporate communication and public relations (PR) that can excite visitors as well as employees with innovative ways to drive marketing and brand storytelling on the organizations’ discoveries and latest products and meet some of the people whose ideas and creativity make the difference.

It allows the corporate story to be presented using compelling multimedia and engaging interactive content and helps create the right impression with business prospects and partners.

Sigma AVIT creates experience marketing that inspires ideas, rich conversations, and enables business and brand transformation. We design and implement delightful phygital experiences through Experience Centres that tell stories for brands and can offer a unique and highly effective space to engage the visitors.

There’s great power in storytelling & good content, and that is the value of ‘Experience Centres’.

This remains a key to a lasting experience.