Technology: The need of the hour in education

Did your time during lockdown also go by saying, ‘am I audible?’, ‘is my screen visible?’, ‘please turn on your video’? Because same.

Gone are the days when learning was only confined to reading textbooks and listening to teachers. Educational institutions were compelled to shut down and at truly short notice were expected to devise strategies to continue education safely.

Technology solutions are the need of the hour for educational institutions as students and teachers are trying to get used to the back to school – new normal. It has come into consideration, when technology and education are combined, they can do wonders and this blend will enable students to understand the concepts better, grasp them effortlessly and have practical knowledge about them.

Pandemic made us realize how technology has impacted every sector, and education is no exception. In addition to that, blending technology with education has not only helped students learn better with Pro audio-visual support, but it has become a huge part of the ‘new normal’.

But the list of the hiccups doesn’t end here – a lot of challenges were faced by the institutions while the teachers, as well as the students, were still getting the hang of online education.

Challenges faced while Implementing E-learning

Since the pandemic, technology has become an integral part of our lives and today’s learners require collaborative learning spaces that will encourage them to tackle glitches along the way.

Facing this unpredictable situation, especially in countries like India where the curriculum was not designed and ready to deal with such a serious dilemma was something to take immediate action on. Moreover, once a few solutions came in for online education it was realized that teachers were not prepared to handle this sort of special methodology with such sudden alteration – from in-person teaching to online learning!

Technology is upgrading at an exponentially faster rate, ergo, it comes without saying that not all teachers are well versed with advanced gadgets – they must put in extra effort to be in line with what comes next. But the good bit is kids get easily adapted to digital tools, it helps in making learning more collaborative and engaging. They tend to become more attracted to digital gadgets and are curious to learn further. Would you like to know more about how to overcome the challenges mentioned? Keep reading to learn about the opportunities ed-tech has to offer and how you as an institution can benefit from it.

Technology can improve the Learning Process

With the help of a few technological solutions – the future of education can be shaped. There are a few possibilities as to what application of technology in educational institutions can do and what it entails:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    One such possibility is AI and as it has slowly begun to function in the education industry, it’s important to expose students to the advantages of this technology and allow them to use it. AI also gives you the benefit of automated key activities such as clearing doubts of students via chatbots, providing feedback on areas where improvement is required or even grading answer sheets.
  • Learning Management System (LMS)
    The main objective of introducing LMS in the education sector is to enhance the learning process. It has not only benefited students but parents as well, by granting access to their ward’s schedules, marks, or even assessment dates. In addition to that, it allows learners to track online academic activities and initiatives that provide them with sufficient study material options to gain more knowledge.
  • Augmented & Virtual Reality (AR/VR)
    Bringing AR & VR into educational institutes has proved immense potential to influence learning. Though it cannot replace the entire learning system but is a good option for students to experience virtual and augmented reality for some time off their monotonous schedule of back-to-back classes. It makes learning an experiential approach that promotes engagement among students, understanding concepts in a better way and makes learning fun!
  • Cloud Computing
    Advancements regarding technology will only propel in future. The introduction of Cloud Computing adds value and helps build ecosystems. It gives students access to assignments and learning materials and helps them interact with what the teachers upload, making it easy to collaborate. This technology not only increases efficiency among students but also saves time and improves the quality of educational learning.

Technology is a powerful tool that has the ability to transform the education sector in numerous ways, from making it convenient for teachers to enabling effective and efficient education for students to understanding the concepts easily. The need of the hour is to adapt to evolving technology as it will be the future of education.

Now that you are aware of the importance of technology in the education sector, Sigma AVIT’s solutions can help your institution be strong enough to tackle such unpredictable scenarios and be ready for the future!