Today, every company deals and communicates with two different sets of audiences – internal and external. While the internal audience comprises the employees and staff members, the external could mean anyone from a customer to a stakeholder to the authorities under whose jurisdiction the company operates. With these distinct listeners, a company needs to be highly agile, seamless, and valuable in its communication. Communication strengthens relationships, builds trust, and engages everyone with the voice of the business. But in the process, most companies end up incurring high costs or compromising on effectiveness, and that’s precisely where a dedicated, in-house studio setup with audio-visual production capacities comes into play.

What is a dedicated studio space for a business, and what does it entail?

An in-house studio setup is designed to execute all of the company’s video production and marketing requirements. A business may need to regularly generate content, AV pieces, graphical representations, and more to reach out to its employees with communication around awareness and/or announcements.

Typically, the process is as follows: the concerned person from a company would plan the whole AV production, reach out to a studio, wait for them to get back on schedule; this could run into timing conflicts, then paying for each piece of equipment compounds the cost of production while also planting hassles along the way.

An in-house studio takes away the wait time while working with a one-time investment effort, leading to a long-term ROI. The studios come equipped with various capabilities from pre-production to post-production, along with our committed training and support. 

  • Professional Camera with HDMI /HD-SDI Output
  • Large Interactive Display
  • Studio Lighting
  • Recording and Post-production room
  • Video capture and mixing console
  • Apple system with Finalcut Postproduction software suite
  • Chroma Screen and CGI

Thus, an in-house studio set-up makes it beneficial for a range of industries, from enabling induction snippets, HR efforts, running health and safety campaigns, training, and skill-enhancement programs to creating branded content.

1. Corporate: The importance of communication in a corporate setup can’t be stressed more. Communication in such a setup spans across many desks, hierarchies, and objectives. From the top management to the local Human Resources, everyone is reaching out to share communication with the employees and employing highly engaging content to better the process. And not only that, but an in-house studio space in corporate setups can also add value to the marketing and sales teams to create impactful collaterals that benefit the organization.

2. Education: Education is no longer restricted by brick and mortar. We have all seen the magnanimous success of online education companies; however, to keep generating specialized content, ensuring timely execution and distribution of AV materials, companies are investing heavily in branded studios. The reasons are simple, absolute production control at a fraction of the cost of hiring a studio. With additions such as chroma screens and CGI capabilities, one can even obtain diversity in the environment they portray including valuable graphics and data.

3. Government: With a vast network of internal listeners in the form of employees across the departments and functions, a government entity can always reap the benefits of an in-house studio space. Our all-encompassing studio solutions are designed for heightened cost-efficacy and purpose, from creating detailed yet interactive video presentations, engaging talks, and announcements to having a space for official meetings and conferences.

4. Healthcare: It’s becoming increasingly clear that the future for most industries is digital, and healthcare is no exception. While health video production is not as common as other video production, it is becoming more regular. The benefits of connecting with patients through video is now evident to Healthcare companies and executives. Videos help better explain your mission, humanize your brand, and educate your patients.

Now that you know the importance of investing in a studio, here’s how Sigma-AVIT’s solutions can help. Right from designing a space and equipment planning to execution, we do it all for you and a lot more after that as well. We guide you on the best integrations depending on your requirements and help you train your staff to operate and manage the studio.